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Our vision

To be a world-leader company of dedicated professionals facilitating the implementation of business growth. We focus on five goals:

  1. Improving online presence  
  2. Increasing digital marketing ROI
  3. Generating more qualified leads
  4. Implementing CRM and automation systems
  5. Building more successful marketing and sales teams

Our Mission

The catalyst for rapid and sustainable business growth. We seek to help our clients optimize the end-to-end marketing and sales processes, tools, and people behavior to deliver a remarkable customer experience and ultimately, drive sustainable growth for our clients.

About Us

CiiAction Consulting is a Canadian firm that focuses on implementing business improvements & digital marketing solutions for helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve better business growth. CiiAction is led by a team of highly qualified marketing, sales, technology, and business improvement experts who are passionate problem solvers and enthusiastic about delivering a real and sustainable value for our clients.

For More than 15 years, we have been working alongside clients’ employees at all levels, across industries, in countries around the world to deliver results through effective changes to technology, processes, management practices, performance reporting, and employee behaviors. As a leader in change management, we engage client employees on all levels to ensure a sustainable change.

Our Locations

Our Teams are located in Montreal and we have a wide network of partnerships in almost all provinces.

How we can Help you

Cii Action partners with leading clients in diverse industries to implement the improvement initiatives and technology to achieve significant growth.

Cii Action Consulting Business Growth

Implementation Projects

In our implementation projects, we bring together designers, marketers, writers, developers, and change leadership to build sustainable go-to-market approaches. We focus on adding genuine values to clients’ people, processes, and management practices. The key deliverable include: 

  1. Align leadership and enhance capabilities
  2. Optimize management practice and active supervision
  3. Boost workplace productivity
  4. Develop a data-driven decision-making process with interactive dashboards
  5. Build systematic and lean business end-to-end processes
  6. Stimulate continuous improvement and innovation culture.

Technology Implementation

As change management leader we focus on implementing the best platforms and I.T Solutions that suit business requirements and deliver business results. We support our clients in implementing, improving, and utilizing:

  1.  CRM – End-to end marketing & sales platform using Salesforce 
  2. BI and analytics using Microsoft technology
  3. Digital marketing tools and platforms

Examples of Deliverables

  1. Improved marketing and sales processes efficiency
  2. Enhanced website traffic, leads, and sales conversion rates
  3. Minimized customer acquisition cost

  4. Optimized Organic/Paid/ Social Traffic
  5. Maximized throughput
  6. Improved customer experience
  7. Enhanced communication and performance control

What Next?

Request a meeting to discuss your needs and explore how we can help you realize your objectives

Change Management Approach

  1. Initiation: An intensive scan according to client’s performance issues and requirements
  2. Data Collection and Diagnosis: Assess the current practice to the world class practices as well as employees’ behavior and readiness to change.
  3. Design and Action Plan: Design and plan the improvement initiatives with selecting the best tools & practices to ensure successful implementation.
  4. Implementation and Sustainability: Intensive training, full assistant, daily coaching, and follow up with a performance dashboard during the implementation phase with the focus of improving employees’ behaviors and involvement,
  5. Closing
  6. Aftercare services

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